Why Google+ / Search Plus

Hi again, I wanted to send you a couple of blogs that have underscored the comments I’ve made to you (and the emails I’ve sent) about setting up a google places account.

First Danny Sullivan posts some real-life examples of Google Plus search results around some well known stars (Brittney Spears and Snoop!).  The results are fascinating.  First to note is that even when your *not* signed in to Google – Google may offer search plus results first.  The second is that Danny calls into question the integrity of Google’s customer experience by not showing Facebook results – which in his article are in fact more relevant (suggesting that Google is placing higher relevancy on data within the Google world).  


The next article a bit more succinct and less biased:


Geoff Livingston notes that because:

  1. FB and Twitter refuse to let their pages be indexed or open to public
  2. Google properties are the number 1 and 3 most referencing sites in the world (Google, FaceBook, YouTube [also Google] )

“This makes Google+ the easiest way to influence your company, brand or product’s search results of all the various types of social media. Suddenly, a handful of plus ones means more than scores of retweets.”


“The inevitable integration into search simply adds incredible value to Google+ that most web marketers will not be able to resist. Google+ may not drive the most direct traffic to your site compared to other social networks, but through the Search Plus algorithm it has far a greater impact on search than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn”

Trends I see happening.  G+/Google Properties will continue to climb in importance for on-line marketing.  But as a reaction to what some perceive as a monopoly or imbalance in power so will the strength of the relationship between Microsoft/Bing and Facebook (yahoo.com is basically Bing at this time & Facebook has opened it’s site for Bing search results more than Google ).  If Bing / Yahoo officially tie the know they would together be ~30% of search with google being ~65% and the rest made up by smaller niche search engines.  But that would be significant.  So while we focus on Google results for commerce we continue to work Bing too because we do think they will be a bigger player in the future.

It’s a good read with some screen shots.  Bottom line folks.  If you don’t have Google Places build – build it.  If your not a regular G+ poster – become one.

Let us know how we can help.


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